Thatching Hilltop Estate. Thatching your holiday home

While the hustle and bustle are still carrying on you are in the process of building a holiday home.  Thatching Hilltop Estate is the company to choose to thatch your holiday home.  You may even be making your poolside area one that needs a covered entertainment area or maybe your conference or hotel venue needs a brand new look and you want to change it.

Thatching Contractors, for thatching houses in Hilltop Estate

Are you looking for trustworthy thatching contractors for thatching a house in Hilltop Estate?  Get the best in Hilltop Estate to bring you brilliant thatch material options and leading thatch roof prices.  Get in contact with Thatching Hilltop Estate.

We provide the top quality thatching straw you need and modern trends and styles.  Our contract workers are reliable and fully capable of performing the task at hand.  You do not have to search anywhere else.  Thatching Hilltop Estate thatching all homes even your holiday home.

Thatching Hilltop Estate
Thatching Hilltop Estate

Thatch Roof prices, Thatch Roof Repairs

Thatching Hilltop Estate is one of the top thatching companies in South Africa to date.  Thatching Hilltop Estate provides thatch repairs and cut-throat thatch roof prices.  We are skilled in our trade and we know how to build a thatch roof that stands the test of time and the weather, and we are able to do all kinds of thatch styles from as small as thatched garden gazebos or a thatch Lapa.

We have great thatch Lapa prices, for new Lapas or recovering and repairing.  We have a large variety of thatch to choose from and with our creative team of people, we can provide more than just restoring your roof but also help design the best way to make a new thatch roof.

Restoring your thatch roof does not need to be expensive, call Thatching Hilltop Estate for our great prices. 

Thatching Hilltop Estate, swimming pool repairs and borehole repairs

If you need swimming pool repairs or borehole repairs.  Yes, you read it right!  Thatching Hilltop Estate has got you covered with this service too.  Contact us for repairs on borehole pumps or other borehole malfunctions.  We provide swimming pool pump repairs and maintenance on pools.  Our team of specialists can quickly pinpoint the problem and help you with repairs or new parts as we deal with only the best suppliers.

Landscaping, instant lawn and irrigation solutions

Thatching Hilltop Estate can give your garden or premises a fresh start with an instant lawn that is thick and easy to lay down the super green lawn and while we are at it we can introduce a new look to a tired-looking garden, ask us about landscaping your property.  With water restrictions still in place and the worry of water wasting, you can speak to us about irrigation which will save water and water costs.  Irrigation systems can be set at certain times of the day to sprinkle your environment with the right amount of water and you don’t even have to be there when it happens.  Smart systems will go on and off as they are programmed to.

Thatching Hilltop Estate
Thatching Hilltop Estate

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